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Become a driving instructor with LDC and potentially earn up to £40 per hour with a company car.

Be your own boss

If you are a naturally caring and nurturing person who takes pride in their driving this could be the ideal job for you. Be your own boss, choose your own hours and look forward to going to work every day. In our view the pleasure from seeing one of your learners pass the driving test simply can not be surpassed.

Why train with and join LDC?

  • LDC have an enviable 30 year proven track record of success – both in terms of qualifying and earning a high income thereafter. The safer, smarter way to a successful new career.
  • LDC currently supports hundreds of highly successful LDC driving school franchisees across the UK most of whom have customer waiting lists extending over several months.
  • LDC course fees to become an instructor are very competitive starting from just £795 on our pay-as-you-go option.
  • LDC provides up to 70 hours of blended practical learning guided by a specially trained LDC instructor training coach (on the premium course option).
  • LDC also provides over 100 hours of open learning using our comprehensive iCourse and self-study materials.
  • LDC provides a further 3 days business start–up training on how to run a successful driving school when you decide to join us.
  • LDC can be trusted to provide the essential on-the-job training on a Trainee Licence once passed Part 2 of the qualifying examination so you can earn as you learn.
  • LDC only offer Trainee Licence positions to those who purchase a training course with us.
  • LDC offers a super low franchise at only £60 per week with the option to rent, buy or use your own car (if suitable). Save up to £5,000 per year compared to other national driving schools.
  • LDC don’t tie you into an expensive 1 or 2 year franchise contract. Once qualified you need only stay 3 months after which we just require just 1 months written notice to leave.
  • LDC provides a business start up package worth over £1,000 when you join – nobody gives you more sooner.
  • LDC would normally charge £500 to join our franchise as a newly qualified instructor but this fee is waived if you train with us in the first place.
  • LDC instructors are taught in the use of the incredible LD System and the latest student-centred learning techniques.
  • LDC are the ONLY national driving school accredited, under the MoD Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme, to train ex Military Service Personnel to become driving instructors.
  • LDC has over 50 expert instructor trainers covering the majority of the DVSA ADI test centres in the UK.
  • LDC has a state-of-the-art edexcel, SFEDI and ORDIT approved training centre.

DVSA qualification needed to become a driving instructor

To legally operate as a driving instructor in the UK you are required to pass the DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualifying examination. However, don’t worry if you are not academically minded the exams are very practically based and so is the training course we provide. The DVSA are the Government body who regulate driving instructors in the UK.


The driving instructor qualification process is in 3 parts:

Part 1 is a PC based multiple choice ADI theory and hazard perception test similar to the current test for learner drivers but you are required to answer 100 questions (not just 50) on a broader set of subjects and you need to score 57 as opposed to 44 on the hazard perception part. Typically this should only take about 3 weeks (12 hours of study) to pass following our online theory and hazard perception iCourse programme.

ADI Teory Part 1 TestPart 2 is a driving test, again similar to the current test for learner drivers but you are only allowed to make 6 minor faults (not up to 16 as on the L test). Typically this should only take you a couple of months to pass following our practical training and accompanying open learning study programme. After passing Part 2 and completing the necessary training you can start your job as a driving instructor on what is called a Trainee Licence (see below for details).

Part 3 is an instructional ability test, which dramatically changed in 2018. As a result the examiner now requires to watch you give a driving lesson to a real learner and depending upon what they see will determine if you pass this third and final part of the qualification process. Therefore you need to gain as much experience as possible of training real learners under the supervision of an expert LDC instructor training coach before you take this test. Typically this will take you between 3 to 6 months to pass following our practical training and accompanying open learning study programme.

Trainee Licence – Earn while you learn in preparation for Part 3

With LDC you could be operating and earning money as a driving instructor on a Trainee Licence within a few months. Following the introduction of the New Part 3 Test this option became even more important to have. Only a genuine, well established and reputable driving school like LDC can be trusted to provide the required on-the-job training, learners and expert guidance necessary to succeed. Please note not every driving school supports the trainee licence scheme, for example, this option is not available with the AA driving school. The AA use the BSM brand to operate instructors on a Trainee Licence, which they acquired when BSM went bust a few years ago.

Please note all our Trainee Licence positions are reserved for those people who train exclusively with us. We do not accept people trained elsewhere onto a Trainee Licence with us. There is also a joining fee of £500 you will need to pay if you haven’t trained with us so we can re-train you in LDCs unique training methods and ways of working.

Can I qualify without a Trainee Licence?

YES! With LDC you can also qualify without a Trainee Licence as all of our trainers have learner drivers that you can potentially utilise to gain the practical experience you will need along with any private learners you may choose to train for free. This option still gives you the vital experience of teaching real life learner drivers now esstential to passing Part 3.


The DVSA offer the opprtunity for any ADI to have a lesson inspected as part of the process of someone training to become a driving instructor. If the DVSA like the lesson inspected they will list the details of the ADI on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT). Currently around 50 LDC instructor training coaches are listed on this register.

Winners of the first industry award for Training School of the Year

The award was presented by Gareth Llewellyn the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to Paul and Gemma McArdle of LDC driving schools at the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) annual conference. This driving training award was recently introduced in 2016 and LDC were the very first recipients which just goes to show the incredible reputation LDC has built up over the last 30 years. There are other non-industry awards provided by magazine publishers for their advertisers but they have little sway within our industry and are not endorsed by the DVSA.

Driving School of the year 2016

Buyer beware of internet companies just selling iCourses

Don’t be taken in by flashy websites, videos or brochures or bogus driving schools just set up to sell instructor training with lots of DUBIOUS guarantees. Companies who try to get you to IMPULSE buy online with highly misleading promises and devious contracts with lots of restrictive clauses. Watch out for free bonus practical training which may or may not be delivered depending upon all the other criteria you have to satisfy hidden in their contractual small print!! If you are not careful you may end up paying a lot of money just to log on to a website so you can print off hundreds of pages of written exercises to complete at your expense!! And even should you be one of the lucky ones who qualify for free practical training you are required to attend the training where, when and with whom they say or it is lost – as it is supposedly free you have absolutely no recourse for any kind of refund – once they give you a login to their iCourse website their obligations are fulfilled!

Before you buy a course make sure the driving school really exists. Make sure it is well established and not one of the many “here today gone tomorrow driving schools”. Some iCourse sellers have had so-called driving schools for over 10 years now but still only have a handful of actual instructors – most of whom do the free practical training (if you ever qualify for it) as independent sub-contractors. Make sure you have seen lots of existing driving instructors working with them for a number of years and take the time to contact some by phone.

Only buy from highly regarded and well established driving schools like LDC with over 30 years in the business and around 500 driving instructors of which around 50 are also on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers ORDIT.

Contact LDC

If you would like a Free information pack on becoming a driving instructor with LDC call our head office on free phone 0800 197 0010 or 01977 691800 or click on request a free information pack. Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am – 6pm, Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12pm.

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