Car options

With LDC you have a wide choice of vehicle that you can use for your LDC driving school.

Use your own car (if suitable) or rent or buy a car through our preferred supplier at significant discounts (up to 28% off), thus you can be assured of keeping your car costs to a minimum. Indeed, the saving you could make by purchasing a new car through in this way could easily cover the weekly franchise fees for the whole year and then some.

Most learners prefer to learn to drive in one of the smaller popular cars as they consider these easier to drive. Hence, this is the reason why most successful driving instructors choose to drive such cars. They are also less expensive to own and operate and thus increase your earnings potential. If you want a bigger or more expensive car this can also be arranged (subject to status and suitability).

Fully maintained car rental examples

Our fully maintained car rental fees (including VAT) based on a 1 year contract are extremely competitive as can be seen below by just a few of the many deals we can offer:

A summary of the main benefits of our car rental service:

  • Fully maintained and serviced
  • Road tax paid
  • Breakdown cover
  • Worn tyre replacement
  • Keep you teaching programme
  • Generous mileage allowances
  • Early contract get-out for trainees

Save up to £6,000 per year or more with LDC franchise

Earn6kMoreiThe cost of operating and owning your own car might be as little as £50 per week or £95 per week if you included our weekly franchise fee of £45. Therefore, the weekly cost of the franchise including the car could range from £95 up to £130 per week depending upon the type of car chosen and how it was sourced. Therefore after the first 4 to 5 hourly lessons (based on £30 per hour) you could have earned enough to covered your weekly franchise fee and the provision of a fully maintained car. The LDC driving school franchise can save you up to £6,000 per year in comparison with the other major national driving school franchises – do the sums and see what you would save.

Franchise cost with fully maintained car

The above examples are all based on 5 door models with air conditioning and eco engine option for good fuel economy. We believe no other franchise can even come close to the value for money offered by LDC.

Franchise cost using own car

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