Cheap courses

Whilst you’re doing your research you will probably notice that the cost of training to become a driving instructor varies considerably from as little as £300 up to £3,500.

It doesn’t add up!

There are many companies appearing to offer cheaper driving instructor training with offers or guarantees which are just too good to be true!

You need to ask yourself how could any decent training be less than £2,000?

It simply doesn’t add up unless

  • the course is a lost leader designed to ultimately tie you into an expensive long term franchise agreement, such as the AA/BSM, Red or Bill Plant, potentially paying up to £250 per week (i.e. £12,500 per year) for up to 3 years or
  • the course is so academic that the vast majority of students give up or lose the right to any so-called free bonus practical training for Part 2 or Part 3 due to lots of contractual conditions being imposed thus many don’t get any practical training and inevitably fail
  • the course description is deliberately misleading or vague making it difficult to know what you are really buying resulting in a course that is simply inadequate for the job
  • it is a fly-by-night – here today gone with your money tomorrow company – several companies appear without fail each year who do this with fabulous websites.

It is that simple; either you won’t get what you thought you had paid for or you will end up paying far more in the long run. The more guarantees, guru endorsements or worthless accolades the salesman pushes the more suspicious you should be.

Worthless Guarantees!!

Cheap driving instructor training course guarantees

To reassure you that the cheap training is kosher/genuine and worthwhile such companies often offer

  • phoney guarantees (i.e. guarantees that are subject to terms which often render them little more than useless) or
  • ‘so-called’ never-to-be-repeated-discounts or
  • we only have a limited number of job places left on the phoney driving school franchise please hurry etc
  • and links with so-called gurus of the industry who will offer their endoursement for a price.

All designed to encourage you to IMPULSE BUY. To sign up without reading all the small print about the course you are buying, the possible job opportunity you are really being offered or the guarantees they are pushing to get you to sign up quickly. A lot of people are being caught out by this because they buy online entering their credit card details and clicking a button to say they accept the contract!! Remember it is easy to look credible online with a flashy website and a few Youtube videos.

Guarantees such as “Guaranteed pass or your money back” or “You will earn £30,000 or your money back guaranteed” or “We guarantee a position once qualified” etc. If you see any statements like this alarms bells should immediately ring in your head.

How cleverly worded Guarantees work or rather they don’t

Well to help you further lets explain how these type of so-called guarantees don’t really work for you. Here are some of the ways they can fool you.

Guaranteed to pass or your money back

The first usually requires you to meet lots of other criteria and then go through at least two cycles of attempts (i.e. take Part 1, 2 and 3 and fail three times, wait two years and take Parts 1, 2 and 3 a second time at your expense and again fail three times) only then and provided you followed their advice to the letter will they consider refunding you anything – by then you will have paid about £1,500 in exam fees alone and wasted over 4 years of your life – the guarantee is vitually worthless.

Guaranteed to earn £30,000 or your money back

The second usually requires you to pay the franchise fee for a whole year and only once fully qualified (e.g. around £12,000 with a car) to obtain a £1,500 course fee refund once you can show you didn’t make the £30,000! Plus the guarantee probably won’t include your earnings while operating as a Trainee driving instructor on the initial 6 months licence. So you pay 18 months franchise fee (i.e. £18,000) to possibly get your training fee back assuming you actually qualify and can afford to stay with the same school (even if it doesn’t get you the work) – again this guarntee is little more than worthless. A £1,500 refund for £18,000 – nice little earner.

Guaranteed a position once qualified

The third guaranteed means you can join thier franchise but only once qualified not necessarily as a Trainee on a Trainee Licence. Once qualified most driving schools will take you on as a franchisee – again the guarantee is worthless.

Profiteering at the publics expense

Ironically because so few actually qualify or receive any practical training with such cheap training providers or bogus driving schools they make excessive profits in comparison to other companies doing the job properly charging realistic prices such as LDC. Basically you pay a fortune to be allowed to logon and download/print at your expense a 500 page pdf document with so-called free bonus practical in-car training if you do a mountain of written work designed to take several months to complete and satisfy a load of other criteria. The people who do this are really smart and it is easy to be taken in – please don’t be one of them – be smart check the small print and take your time before deciding to buy driving instructor training.

Driving instructor training course contart terms

Thousands buy ADI driving training courses and give up out of embarrassment feeling it was their fault for not being able to complete all the written course work within the tight deadlines not realising the course was probably designed with this very purpose in mind and all the written work simply wasn’t necessary! £300-£1,400 just so you can logon to the website provides one hell of a hugh profit margin.

We also invest the equivalent amount of the course fee in your start up when you join us therefore, in affect, even the cheapest course is far more expensive than LDC especially as most will never actually qualify. Indeed real driving schools always provide the most economical way to become qualified because they can offset the future income from you as a driving instructor against the cost of the training. So you should always train with a genuinely succesful driving school especially as you need a lot of experience training real learners for the new Part 3 test.

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