Cheap Training

Whilst you’re doing your research you will probably notice that the cost of training to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) varies considerably from as little as £300 up to £3,000. Some appear to offer really cheap ADI training courses until you look deeper at what is being offered.

It doesn’t add up!

There are many companies appearing to offer cheap driving instructor training with offers that seem too good to miss! However, before you get drawn in please bear in mind that a good quality ORDIT qualified trainer would expect to earn around £35 per hour on a 1-to-1 basis.  Do the sums, see for yourself, it would cost £1,750 just for the 50 hours 1-to-1 training. LDC offer up to 70 hours 1-to-1 training so you are now potentially looking at £2,450. Now consider what it costs to develop and produce quality open learning materials/resources (i.e. books, software, videos, website, online hub and other online resources etc.), provide a modern training centre with classroom facilities, have quality people available to give training support when you need it or maintain a network of top quality ORDIT qualified trainers.

After considering this you need to ask yourself how could any decent training be less than £2,000? It doesn’t add up unless you are required to commit to an expensive long term franchise agreement paying up to £240 per week or the training isn’t done 1-to-1 or they make it difficult if not impossible to get any in-car training. It is that simple; either you won’t get what you thought you had paid for or you will end up paying far more in the long run.

How can they offer training so cheaply?

Some of the common ways in which cheaper training can be provided is by requiring you to

  • make do with far less than 50 hours 1-to-1 training by using ambiguous terms such as face-to-face training meaning classroom and/or 1-to-2 or 1-to-3 in-car training
  • satisfy various harsh and unnecessary conditions before you are allowed to request any practical in-car training or indeed apply to take the Part 1 exam so as to make sure only a small number of students ever receive any in-car training for Part 2 and Part 3
  • do an excessive amount of theoretical study/written exercises well beyond what is really needed to pass the Part 1 theory test in the expectation that you will give up before you can claim any in-car training for Part 2 or 3, or indeed lose the right to any such training because you missed certain deadlines or didn’t complete the theoretical work in the correct way stated in their agreement (also see next two points)
  • meet certain onerous deadlines on passing the exam parts (1,2 or 3) and on course work completion/submission otherwise your loose the practical in-car training and invalidate the ‘so-called’ guarantees used in the first place to pull the wool over your eyes to get you to sign up quick
  • travel vast distances to meet your practical trainer as and when it suits them, not you or lose your practical in-car training – “I have a spare day next week take it or lose your practical training time” – like some really nasty off-peak train ticket
  • accept your practical training will not be guaranteed to be delivered by a properly qualified ORDIT instructor trainer or be assured by ORDIT rules of good practice etc because the selling organisation isn’t ORDIT approved
  • accept practical in-car training from an outside subcontractor who has little to do with the company who sold the training and who are really only interested in completing the required hours to get paid
  • commit to an expensive long term franchise agreement or other costly ongoing payment scheme with interest

So if the course cost is less than LDC’s you can bet one or more of the above will apply. Naturally, the smart sales person will try to make the above restrictions look they are there to benefit you!! We only make you do all this work and keep to strict deadlines because we want you to be the best!!

They must be good because of all their Guarantees!!

To reassure you that the cheap training is kosher/genuine and worthwhile such companies often offer phoney guarantees (i.e. guarantees that are subject to terms which often render them little more than useless) or ‘so-called’ never-to-be-repeated-discounts to encourage you to IMPULSE BUY. To sign up without reading all the small print about the course you are buying, the possible job opportunity you are really being offered or the guarantees they are pushing to get you to sign up quickly. A lot of people are being caught out by this because they buy online entering their credit card details and clicking a button to say they accept the contract!!

Guarantees such as “Guaranteed pass or your money back” or “You will earn £30,000 or your money back guaranteed” etc. The first usually requires you to meet lots of other criteria and then go through at least two cycles of attempts (i.e. take Part 1, 2 and 3, wait two years and take Parts 1, 2 and 3 a second time at your expense) only then and provided you followed their advice to the letter will they consider refunding you anything – by then you will have paid about £1,500 in exam fees and wasted over 4 years of your time. And the second usually requires you to pay the franchise fee for a whole year (e.g. around £12,000) to obtain a £1,000 course fee refund once you can show you didn’t make the £30,000! Ironically because so few actually get any practical in-car training or qualify with such cheap training these companies make excessive profits in comparison to other companies doing the job properly charging realistic prices such as LDC. Basically you pay a fortune to be allowed to logon and download/print at your expense a 500 page pdf document with so-called free practical in-car training if you satisfy a load of other criteria. The people who do this are really smart and it is easy to be taken in – please don’t be one of them – be smart check the small print and take your time deciding.

Unfortunately, many people simply don’t read the small print or are unsure what it means because the sales people tell them not to worry because they are clearly a highly reputable company working with certain Gurus of the industry and/or offer rock solid Guarantees but when you study the small print you find it is all meaningless claptrap. Unfortunately, such organisations often appear at the top of Google’s searches and are extremely easy to find on the internet because they spend a fortune on SEO and internet marketing because of the incredible profits they can make (i.e. over £1,000 for little more than a PDF document of written exercises to complete) with probably fewer than 1 in 10 ever getting any of the so-called free practical training.

Thousands of people each year waste their money on such courses from companies selling the dream but rarely providing the reality which is why nationally around 70% who let the DVSA know they have started the process (there are many more that don’t) never go on to actually qualify whereas over 90% who complete the whole course programme with LDC do. Just think if you paid over £1,000 just to get access to a downloadable icourse (i.e. a glorified pdf document) but then fall foul of one of the many conditions before you get any face-to-face training just think how much they will make from you?

We also invest the equivalent amount of the course fee in your start up if you join us fully qualified with our car option (rent or buy) therefore, in affect, even the cheapest course is far more expensive than LDC especially if you never actually qualify. Indeed real driving schools always provide the most economical way to become qualified because they can offset the future income from you as a driving instructor against the cost of the training.

Compare the driving instructor training market

Below is a comparison of the four most well known suppliers of driving instructor training courses (however, not necessarily any good) in the UK namely AA/BSM, Red, LDC and computer firm called Watch Learn Drive WLD (trading as Smart Driving and Drive their newly founded driving school). WLD claims to be probably the largest instructor training company in the UK, selling more courses than anyone else. The details are only correct at time of publication and we strongly advise that you visit the companies websites to get an up to date position as to what they offer.

Compare driving instructor training AA/BSM, Red, LDC and SmartDrivingWith LDC you can potentially save up to £6,000 per year in franchise fees in comparison with other well know driving schools and with the re-investment of your course fee in the start up of your business there really isn’t a more cost effective way to become a successful driving instructor. We understand that weighing up which training provider to go with is a big decision, you are investing a lot of time as well as money in your future and we want to provide people looking in to this career with as much information as possible so that you can make a properly informed decision.

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