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From 2018 the DVSA examiner will need to observe you delivering a real driving lesson to one of your pupils from the back seat, rather than the examiner pretending to be a pupil sat in the drivers seat as is now currently the case. In many ways this makes the test easier as a real pupil isn’t trying to catch you out but the downside is you will need to show you can perform all aspects of the job for real rather than just pick up and correct driving faults as is currently the case.

The examiner now needs to see you performing a driving lesson for real from the back seat of your vehicle. Consequently, any course must now incorporate real on-the-job training to ensure you succeed. Naturally this favours those who are being trained by well established reputable driving schools such as LDC rather than an organisation who is just trying to sell you a course.

When the test changes, the examiner will be assessing the candidates ability to tailor the training to their pupil’s learning goals and needs. In particular the examiner will:

  • look for evidence that the trainee instructor meets the national standard for driver and rider training
  • mark 17 areas of competence in 3 categories – lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning skills

This is why it is imperative that you have a great set of teaching resources available to you and a highly effective client centred training programme to follow with your pupils such as provided by the unique LD System of driving tuition. The new test requires you to use ‘client-centred’ teaching and learning methods which we have been utilising for over 20 years now and are at the core of the LD System. Using this system alone will dramatically improve your chances of passing the new Part 3 test.

Nobody is better placed for the new Part 3 test and the new assessment criteria being sought by the DVSA.

LD System programme diagram

Congratulations to Rachel our first pass at the New Part 3 Test. Rachel passed each part first time with LDC on 8th Janary 2018.

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